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Back to top areedaJoined: 28 Aug 2008Posts: 487Location: Los Angeles Posted: Sun Nov 14, 2010 1:53 am Post subject: I'm not 100% sure we're using the same mysql drivers but my Reload to refresh your session. Honestly I strongly suggest you scrap the IDE for now. Solved JDBC: SQLException: No suitable driver; SQLState: 08001 VendorError: 0 Posted on 2005-01-20 JSP 15 1 solution Medium Priority ? useful reference

Work on that as well. Cross reference information Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition Application Servers Runtimes for Java Technology Java SDK Historical Number 69533 1LD 000 Document information More support for: WebSphere Application Server DB What do I look for: Java versions, newer drivers, nicer compilers, or should I just rewrite the macroprogram around the outside of the working microprogram? I'm writing back into this one because it's been over two weeks in the IDE board, and I'm not convinced the problem is the environment. .

No Suitable Driver Found For Jdbc Mysql Localhost 3306 Test

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Three responses! call outside the try ? Question priority can be upgraded with a premium feature. 29,748 Views Last Modified: 2012-06-27 SQLException: No suitable driver SQLState: 08001 VendorError: 0 1. No Suitable Driver Found For Jdbc Mysql Eclipse Seems like you're not passing a url here.

Any idea? Java.sql.sqlexception No Suitable Driver Postgresql Kim Gaskins Greenhorn Posts: 5 posted 8 years ago So what's the answer? I also tested that the class could be found by using an import statement below - no error during compile, so it must be finding the jar. I have always just registered the class with the driver manager and did not even look into instantiating the driver itself. –John Kane May 12 '11 at 19:24 add a comment|

HELP please with SQL Server Retrieving image from database - getBlob? No Suitable Driver Found For Jdbc Mysql Netbeans try{Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver").newInstance();} catch(Exception e) {System.out.println("Class strife. " + e);} Connection conn = null; try{conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://"+ hst +"/database", "id", "password"); i = 1;} catch (SQLException ex) { // handle any errors System.out.println("SQLException: Cause This error is usually due to an incorrect classpath for the driver or an incorrect database URL. URL does not match any of the loaded JDBC drivers.

Java.sql.sqlexception No Suitable Driver Postgresql

Reid M. It's one of the Microsoft examples. No Suitable Driver Found For Jdbc Mysql Localhost 3306 Test Did you get the solution for this? No Suitable Driver Found For Jdbc Sql Server Reid - SCJP2 (April 2002) Zachary Anderson Ranch Hand Posts: 49 posted 11 years ago Settings differences: The only oddity I can see is that both micro- and macro- look

last... see here Starting test. It is intended only for the addressee and may contain private, confidential and/or privileged material. That's why it's recommended to load JDBC drivers by Class#forName() instead of plain importing/instantiating them. No Suitable Driver Found For Jdbc Oracle

How can I tell non-parents, "Wait and see until you have kids" without being cliché and obnoxious? the JDBCProfiler is created, Code: JDBCProviders Microsoft_SQL_Server connectionUrlFormat='jdbc:sqlserver://[serverName]:[portNumber];DatabaseName=[databaseName];user=[user];password=[password]' connectionUrlFormatAttr1='' connectionUrlFormatAttr2='' connectionUrlFormatAttr3='' connectionUrlFormatAttr4='' connectionUrlFormatAttr5='' databaseName='ISCM' If you are experiencing a similar issue, please ask a related question A Simple Way to Copy Data From an Android Smartphone to iPhone (and Vice Versa) Article by: Acronis Learn http://pic3nter.com/no-suitable/no-suitable-driver-08001.php Once upon a time all Java code was interpreted.

And when I say works. No Suitable Driver Found For Jdbc:odbc configuration: NetBean IDE 6.9.1, mysql-connector-jave-5.1.13, windows 7 64 bit (this shouldn't be mattered but just in case...) I added mysql/J to my project library and it shows up on my project Stack Overflow Questions Developer Jobs Documentation beta Tags Users current community help chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list.

You're not going crazy.

Sign in to comment © 2017 GitHub, Inc. Adding each property of Db driver class, JDBC url and login credentials on the command line did the trick. Your exception handling is also terrible, you should throw the exception (so that it blocks executing the remnant of the code) instead of printing the message/trace and then continue with the Driver Jdbc Mysql As I had setup my CLASSPATH properly (I had added both oracle and MySQL jar files to my CLASSPATH), I was curious to see what was the problem.

How to interprete this conditional phrase Which geographical features would work best to make a plausible natural labyrinth? Not the answer you're looking for? Exception: run: java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://localhost:1433;databaseName=HealthCareDatabase Error Trace in getConnection() : No suitable driver found for jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://localhost:1433;databaseName=HealthCareDatabase Error: No active Connection at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(DriverManager.java:602) at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(DriverManager.java:185) at javaapplication1.Connect.getConnection(Connect.java:35) at Get More Info Zachary Anderson wrote:Would anyone be willing to suggest how to test this code?

userconfig.sh contains these lines: J2EE_CLASSPATH=/usr/local/mysql-connector-java-3.1.6/com/mysql/jdbc:/usr/local/mysql-connector-java-3.1.6/mysql-connector-java-3.1.6-bin.jar export J2EE_CLASSPATH JAVA_HOME="/opt/j2sdk1.4.2_04 export JAVA_HOME 4. I have a method: private static Statement makeStatement() { try{ com.mysql.jdbc.Driver d = null; try{d = new com.mysql.jdbc.Driver();}catch(Exception e){ System.out.println("ERROR BY NEW DRIVER " + e.toString() + "\n");e.printStackTrace();} Connection con = posted 8 years ago Jan Cumps wrote: (note to self: on the other hand, when your jdbc driver is not on the runtime classpath, would that not have gotten this error: Is oxygen present at sun?

In the macroprogram I've written a loop to run through all the items in the drivermanager (with suggestions from other ranchers) and it returns "[email protected]". I'm not certain that this file gets read by default. Views contained in the email message are those of the sender and may not necessarily reflect those of Karvy. Sometimes what is wrong is that either your compiler generated the wrong bytecodes, or your JVM has a bug that you only hit for particular sequences of byte codes.

Dont forget to add "sqljdbc4.jar" to your project. mysql jsp tomcat jdbc sqlexception share|improve this question edited May 12 '11 at 18:59 BalusC 746k25027622928 asked May 12 '11 at 18:32 Eliezer 2,86463173 marked as duplicate by BalusCjdbc Users with US: +1 (617) 374 9600 UK: +44(0) 118 9591150 Australia: +61 2 9581 7000 Contact Us Privacy & Security Terms of Use Trademarks ©2017 Pegasystems Inc. Or something that shifted in the versions, except then I'm not sure the microprogram should work.

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Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count). Is this userconfig.sh file correct?