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Nike Sq Dymo 9.5 Driver Review


Reply Navig8r 8 years ago I agree with CJ on this one, I would rather be a few yards shorter, if I am comfortable with the club in my hand, distance As with all things Nike golf, it remains for a certain T. Well… I've only played twice since, shot 8 over on my home course and 10 over at a friend's course. Overall this is a very solid club and definitely one to try out. More about the author

I am 18 hcp going down, I have a swing speed of 105mph avg, and I used the stock stiff shaft which seems perfect for me. Lets take my current driver with a spin of 2800 and ball speed of 180. Hate your own game!! im subcribed to their news letters and one email said that "a certain brand was making false acqusations (not sure of spelling)" and that they were making tweeks in the specification

Nike Sq Dymo Driver Specs

I was hitting the original SuMo but was just getting into golfing when I bought it a couple years ago and ignorantly bought a Reg Flex when my swing speed is Reply Will 8 years ago Wouldn't it be a better fight between the Dymo round head and the R9? Buy gear that helps your game, not the game of the guy that just won $1,000,000.

Now changed to taylormade burner superfast and Boom!! On a simulator and launch monitor I found it to be longer than the R9 and preferred the feel and ball flight better, which might be attributable to the shaft. Nike engineers say their new "Progressive Powerbow Weighting puts the center of gravity where it is most needed" for each different loft. Nike Sq Dymo 3 Wood Fiddler's Green is lucky their range has a net at the end of it or else they would've been collecting golf balls in the blackberry bushes.

The buddy I was playing with said it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen…I went from fading to drawing with one adjustment! Nike Sq Dymo 2 Driver We would take this driver over the Square version of the Dymo STR8-Fit driver, but it is really down to personal preference. The ball seems to be drawn to the fairway. Hitting my drives further and straighter and hence finding more fairways.

The Str8-Fit line also comes standard with a slightly upgraded UST AXIV shaft. Nike Sq Dymo Str8-fit Driver Experts Advise Classifieds For Sale Marketplace Official Store Newsletter Sign Up Store News Tour Opinion Equipment Equipment Reviews 2016 Gear Trials Instruction Instruction Videos WITB Forums Main Forum Index Tour & So i recammend getting a knew shaft. Those with super high swing speeds will probably see some ballooning but for mere mortals the great balance of launch angle and spin means that you maximize distance.

Nike Sq Dymo 2 Driver

love this club. Still interesting to see that the R9 outperformed the Dymo, not that I'm surprised. Nike Sq Dymo Driver Specs Sharad says: April 7, 2009 at 2:03am Great review, purchased the club and took it out on the course this past weekend. Nike Sq Dymo Driver Price There is no special club out there that will instantly fling open the doors to Scratchville and invite the average player to come on in.

I also like the fact that the str8-fit still produces a good shot on off center hits, which i dont hit in the center every time so its a quality i my review here Get out the wrench and take the face all the way open and the ball will fade off to the right. I decided to close the face 1 degree and try it out. So realize how painful it is for me to eat my own words. Nike Sq Dymo Driver 9.5 Degree

The R9 is solid, but not better than the R7 to me. Don't think I will have to worry about hitting into other fairways anymore with this driver. Each club at address. http://pic3nter.com/nike-sq/nike-driver-dymo-review.php The big high drives were impressive to watch but I certainly wouldn't want to have to play it with more than a breath of wind.

The rounder head makes way for the player to be able to work the ball in the direction you choose, as long as you choose high draw or high fade. Nike Sq Dymo Driver For Sale My length is a great asset that, on one or two holes each round, turns into a liability. I guess it's not that bad - I just don't know why the Nike people just didn't go all the way and completely reinvent the looks of these drivers, shedding the

The name DYMO stands for DYnamic MOment of inertia.

The head design is clean and classy and the change in the weightings as you move up the lofts is a welcome development. CReidMarch 2009I had hopes for the Nike SQ Dymo Str8 Fit because I really liked the SQ offerings. Because Nike sent all of us one tro try head to head against the Taylormade. Nike Sq Dymo Driver 10.5 Degree Buy this club.

More consistent ball flight and roll. Alistair says: June 1, 2010 at 12:08pm Hey, brill review pal, i've got the Dymo2 driver. MyGolfSpy, Inc. navigate to this website Appearance Much better looking and a huge improvement on the previous versions, Nike have dropped the lurid yellow for the Dymo range and instead opted for a semi-matt black that covers

John says: January 24, 2010 at 4:55pm Bought the NIKE STR8 (rounded version, 9.5 deg) last month and have used it steadily since then - What a great club! We just want to give you the data and let you decide. I think the argument that golfers should change their swings is incredibly "hopeful". I was hitting it around 250-260, now with a new Dymo 10.5 i was hitting it 305-315 and straight as an arrow.